Buzz makes Sunday school simple for your volunteers and amazing for kids! With Buzz, kids can't wait to open the box to learn God's Word! Plus, it couldn't be easier for volunteers, because if it's in the lesson, it's in the box!

Buzz: If it's in the lesson, it's in the box!

Just imagine...No more Saturday night shopping for supplies. No more spending countless hours preparing for Sunday morning. Buzz gives your volunteers more time and confidence by including everything they need for a successful Sunday morning right inside the box. We guarantee it! The Buzz Quick Start Guide walks leaders through each week's lesson step-by-step, so kids and volunteers learn and grow together - without hours of prep work. All leaders prepare is their heart!

Buzz is designed for how today's kids learn best.

Buzz makes Sunday school fun for kids because they experience Bible truths in ways they enjoy and understand. Buzz is more than a written lesson-it's an interactive experience! Kids will learn in whatever way fits their style-whether that's reading, acting, drawing, listening, singing, playing a game, and more. And kids can't wait to get started because they make choices throughout the lesson.

Buzz teaches kids about God in ways they'll remember

As kids dig into the Bible with creative activities, they'll soak up life-changing lessons that'll really stick. Plus, they'll build relationships with one another, watch for God with God Sightings, apply Bible truths to their daily lives, and even pray for each other!

Buzz Scope & Sequence