Faithweaver - Family Bible Studies

FaithWeaver Sunday school curriculum weaves together a family's journey in faith by teaching the same Bible truth across all age levels. This way, families can apply those truths together in their daily lives, growing individually in their faith and as a family unit.

FaithWeaver gets families talking

We all know the greatest influences on faith are the conversations that happen at home. Whether at the kitchen table or in the car, FaithWeaver makes it easy for families to talk about the Bible and their faith.
FaithWeaver encourages family development

Everyone - from toddlers to teens and adults - studies the same Bible Point in an age-appropriate way. FaithWeaver lessons provide memorable Bible learning plus interactive teaching tools to engage and captivate students. Lessons are designed to encourage faith development beyond Sunday so faith grows all week long.

FaithWeaver takes families through the entire Bible in three years

FaithWeaver is a three-year program broken up into four quarters per year. To help students understand the Old Testament as a whole, learners explore it chronologically during the summer and fall quarters. Then winter and spring quarter FaithWeaver lessons focus on the New Testament.