Sunday school teachers are happy and excited to be going to their classes! The reason for their enthusiasm is simple...they're using David C. Cook Bible-in-Life! Here's what is so special about Bible-in-Life. Our Bible-based lessons are sound, easy-to-teach and are designed to impact every student that is entrusted to your care-from ages 3 to 103! And as the name implies Bible-in-Life helps each student put Bible truths to work where it counts—in their everyday life.

Here's why teachers love David C. Cook Bible-in-Life, it:

  • Is easy-to-teach and easy to prepare!
  • Is Bible-based and Christ-centered.
  • Recognizes life needs of students and reveals biblical and practical application.
  • Incorporates teaching methods to developmental abilities of each age group.
  • Enables teachers to reach every student according to the individual learning styles.

Teachers love the Four-Step Learning Plan because it's designed to mirror the compelling approach that Jesus often used.

  • Jesus started where His students were.
  • Jesus shared life-changing truth.
  • Jesus explained how His truth applied.
  • Jesus called for action.