Bio-Khrome communion trays are an Artistic exclusive. This heavy metal has unsurpassed beauty as well as elegant. It's brown hue is perfect for the communion service. Each piece is coated with Artistic's exclusive clear finish. It is always best to wear gloves when handling the items during cleaning to prevent additional fingerprints. Store each piece in Tarnish Preventing Storage Bags.

Care for Bio-Khrome communion trays:

  • Wash in lukewarm water and dry immediately
  • Waxes such as "Pledge" can be used to protect the finish
  • Do NOT use an abrasive cleaner, dishwasher or metal polish

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Bio-Khrome Communion Cup Tray

  • RW-400KR
  • Your Price: $330.05

Bio-Khrome Communion Cup Tray Cover

  • RW-401KR
  • Your Price: $241.40

Bio-Krome Communion Cup Tray Base

  • RW-402KR
  • Your Price: $191.70

Bio-Krome Non-Stacking Bread Plate

  • RW-405KR
  • Your Price: $138.40

Bio-Krome Stacking Bread Plate

  • RW-404KR
  • Your Price: $231.65

Bio-Krome Bread Plate Cover

  • RW-403KR
  • Your Price: $194.25

Bio-Krome Stacking Bread Plate Base

  • RW-407KR
  • Your Price: $175.30
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