Woerner Acrylic Baptismal Font - 3303

Item Number: 62041
Manufacturer SKU: 3303

See your way clear to invest in high quality acrylic sanctuary furniture! The Woerner 3303 Baptismal Font adds contemporary elegance to your worship setting. Each piece is custom made using the finest acrylic and red oak. Companion pieces for the Baptismal Font include: Pulpits, Altars, Communion Tables, Offering Tables, Bible Stand, Collection Box, Lecterns and Flower Stands.

This graceful Baptismal Font features full 3/8" thick acrylic.  The font stands 40" tall and the base is 18" in diameter.  A removable stainless steel bowl is 12" in diameter.   

This beautiful piece exemplifies Woerner Industries commitment to quality, which has been developed with over ninety years of service.  Woerner is dedicated to producing furniture designed to enhance the worship service and to endure for years to come.

Woerner Industries manufactures high quality beautiful wood and acrylic furnishings for the worship sanctuary. They offer a wide variety of fabrics and finishes as well as unfinished pieces and an unparalleled selection of styles.

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