Woerner Gothic Baptismal Font - 1209

Item Number: 60060
Manufacturer SKU: 1209

Woerner's 1209 baptismal font features superb craftsmanship and updated Gothic design. The baptismal font is crafted using red oak and red oak veneer. Companion pieces for the baptismal font include: Pulpit, Communion tables, Lectern, Prie Dieu Kneelers, Offering Table and Altars.

The Woerner 1209 Baptismal Font features inset panels and gothic trim on three sides.

This piece showcases Woerner Industries commitment to quality, which has been developed with over ninety years of service.  Woerner is dedicated to producing furniture designed to enhance the worship service and to endure for years to come.

Woerner Industries, Inc. has manufactured a full line of church furniture for over 90 years. Our products are sold through church goods dealers nationwide. Offerings include wood altars and communion tables, pulpits and lecterns, congregational wood chairs made from solid oak, various styles of celebrant and sanctuary seating, prie dieu's/kneelers of many styles and sizes, baptismal fonts, credence and offertory tables, and various other items and accessories from bible stands to bookracks to personal kneelers. We also offer a line of acrylic furniture including pulpits, lecterns and tables as well as crucifixes with solid walnut crosses.

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