The Jesus I Never Knew 6-Session DVD

Item Number: 031-027-5282
Manufacturer SKU: 9780310275282

This six-session video resource for small groups can help participants experience the Jesus they may never have known. The drama and immediacy of motion pictures are used to compare well-and little-known film portraits of Jesus with the Jesus of the Bible.

Since its release in 1995, The Jesus I Never Knew has sold over 300,000 copies internationally and garnered church-wide critical acclaim. Philip Yancey's award-winning book on the teachings, person, and life of Jesus Christ emerged from a groundbreaking group Bible study led by the author.

Now your group can share in the same exciting dynamics and discoveries as Yancey's original group. In this revised small group DVD, Yancey guides you and your group members through six all-new sessions. Tapping the drama and immediacy of motion pictures, The Jesus I Never Knew will engage hearts, minds, emotions, and senses. Prepare for life-changing encounters with the Jesus of the Gospels … and discoveries as refreshing, unpredictable, and exciting as the person you're about to meet.

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