Powr-Flite 32" Manual Sweeper - PS320

Item Number: PS320
Manufacturer SKU: PS320

Powr-Flite 32" Manual Sweeper - PS320

This easy to push manual sweeper is hard working, lightweight, fast and easy to maneuver. The PS320 picks up metal shavings, nails, paper, leaves, soda cans…everything in its path, even small polystyrene and paper shred packing materials! And with the large rear mounted wheels, the PS320 will even climb steps! The unique Quadra Brush System combined with the large dirt collector, durable polyethylene construction, and fold up handle make the PS320 perfect for jobs such as small warehouses, machine shops, workshops, gas stations, retail, loading docks and sidewalks.


Powr-Flite has been a leader in the commercial floor care industry for over 35 years, manufacturing and distributing a full line of commercial floor cleaning , parts, chemicals, accessories and supplies...everything for the commercial cleaner all in one convenient location. We are known throughout the industry for manufacturing reliable janitorial equipment and being the one source for all of your commercial floor care parts, accessories ad supplies.

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