Whitney Brothers Tall Step Stool - WB0088

Item Number: 11835
Manufacturer SKU: WB0088

Perfect for the younger, not-so-tall stepper.

Perfect for the younger, not-so-tall stepper, this stool's high back and sides provide extra support for leaning against and helps to prevent missteps. For added safety, each step is trimmed with not-skid treads and all edges are rounded.
19" wide x 35 1/2" x 16" deep.

Since 1904, Whitney Brothers has been using classic cabinetmaking techniques to produce safe and sturdy educational toys. Now, they're also a leader in developing versatile, innovative furniture and storage systems for schools, day-care centers, and private homes. When you order from Whitney, you're not dealing with a subsidiary of some multi-national wood products conglomerate-you're doing business with a New England tradition!

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