Creative Faith Ah-Ha's!: 45 Experiences to Enrich Youth in Ministry

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Here are 45 purposeful out-of-the-box experiences that encourage youth to live out their Christian faith.

Creative Faith Ah-Ha's is a powerful pack of faith-to-life connections to help students get the most out of whatever they're doing or learning in church!

Plus, each experience is field-tested and proven possible to match caring adults with youth in a non-threatening way. Everyone grows when they discover and celebrate their gifts by exploring photography, service projects, community surveys, art projects, construction, making gifts, and more!

Ignite excitement in your church and transform how youth connect with the body of Christ.

  • Publisher: Group Publishing
  • Author: Thom & Joani Schultz
  • Pages: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • Publication Date: December 2003

If your church does it, they’ve probably got it. It’s been said that tool companies don’t sell drills; they sell holes. The same goes for Group. They don’t just sell books, curriculum, training, Bibles, software, etc. They're in the business of making you even better at what you do in ministry. They want you to feel joy and fulfillment as you connect people with Jesus. That said, Group does offer a wide range of resources and services for just about every area of church ministry: children’s ministry, youth ministry, adult small groups, women’s ministry, pastoral ministry, and more.

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