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FaithWeaver NOW® Starter Set includes one each of all 10 age-levels' Teacher Pack or Leader Guide and 1 of each Student Book including Adult and Parent materials!...a $417 value!

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FaithWeaver NOW is the Sunday school curriculum where families explore the same Scripture each week, weaving together a family's journey in faith by teaching the same Bible truth across all age levels. This way, families can apply those truths together in their daily lives, growing individually in their faith and as a family unit.

What makes FaithWeaver NOW special? No doubt about it, the world is changing. Families used to go to church every week. Kids used to have longer attention spans. Leaders used to have more time to prepare. And didn't our budgets used to be bigger?

Even the Sunday school Bible curriculum you used just a couple of years ago is already out of date. But there's one thing that's never changed: the need to grow families closer to Jesus.

That's why we created FaithWeaver NOW, and it's different from anything you've ever seen before!

It combines Sunday school with family ministry.

WARNING: Not for children under 3 years of age without adult supervision. Adult assembly required.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – this contains a small part, small ball or marble. Not for children under 3 years.

WARNING: MAGNET – Swallowed magnets can attract each other through opposing intestinal walls, causing serious infection or even death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.

Every FaithWeaver NOW Sunday School lesson contains:

  • ONE-POINT LEARNING—Using repetition, everyone really learns the one God-focused Bible Point each week!
  • LESSON CHART—makes organizing the lesson and supplies easy!
  • EASY PREP—5-10 minutes of prep a week—sometimes less!
  • BIBLE BACKGROUNDS—give leaders a deeper understanding of the Scripture for their own spiritual growth!
  • JESUS CONNECTION—and life application of the lesson—to help leaders reflect and pray!
  • EASY-TO-READ LAYOUT—makes leading lessons simple!
  • SUPPLIES—are listed with each activity for easy reference!
  • LEARN BY DOING—Creative experiences take everyone deeper into the Bible!
  • GET PARTICIPANTS THINKING—Rich discussion questions help people make discoveries and own their faith!
  • LIFE APPLICATION—Engaging activities help everyone apply Bible truths to everyday life!
  • SONG LYRICS—are provided for easy reference!
  • DAILY CHALLENGES—give people in your ministry a faith that weaves into their lives!
  • WEAVING FAITH AT HOME—Each week, families are encouraged to talk about what they've learned!
  • STUDENT BOOK—Learners use the Student Book during each lesson (available separately)!
  • LEARNING CONTINUES ALL WEEK LONG—with take-home papers filled with family activities!

This quarter’s lessons include: Celebrate Jesus’ Birth (Luke 1:26-45; 2:1-20), Jesus Helps Us Resist Temptation (Luke 4:1-13), Jesus Says to Treat Others as We Want to be Treated (Luke 6:27-38), and more!

The FaithWeaver NOW Starter Set includes a sampling of all age levels ($417 value if purchased separately)! This set includes:

  • Infants, Toddlers & 2’s: 1 Teacher Pack (including 1 teacher guide with reproducible take-home pages for kids) & 1 Student Book
  • Preschool (ages 3&4): 1 Teacher Pack (including 1 teacher guide) & 1 Student Book
  • Pre-K&K (ages 5&6): 1 Teacher Pack (including 1 teacher guide) & 1 Student Book
  • Grade 1&2: 1 Teacher Pack (including 1 teacher guide) & 1 Student Book
  • Grade 3&4: 1 Teacher Pack (including 1 teacher guide) & 1 Student Book
  • Grade 5&6: 1 Teacher Pack (including 1 teacher guide) & 1 Student Book
  • Middle School: 1 Leader Guide & 1 Student Book
  • High School: 1 Leader Guide with reproducible take-home pages for the students & 1 Senior High Handbook
  • Parent: 1 Leader Guide & 1 Parent Handbook
  • Adult: 1 Leader Guide with reproducible take-home pages & 1 Adult Handbook


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