ComforTek 7701 Church Chair - Dark Blue/Silvervein

Item Number: 72065-AW05
Manufacturer SKU: 7701-20-AZ-AW05

The 7701 is our standard bearing church chair in design and comfort. Extended lead times may apply.

Features of these chairs include:

ComforTek manufactures the highest quality seating solutions. With corporate headquarters in Canada, and distribution located in three regions of the United States , ComforTek is well positioned to help make any audience comfortable. Products are designed to accommodate guests in a wide variety of market applications. Whether the desire is to enhance learning (classroom settings), provide for high quality medical care (health care clinics), accommodate large groups of people (religious venues) or merely to provide for a moment's relaxation (break rooms), ComforTek's diverse products will serve well for many, many years. You will appreciate these products for their value, durability, versatility and superb feel and comfort! That's the Comfor Tek Advantage.

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