Rome Clip Art, Decorating, And Publicity CD

Item Number: 147-073-7443
Manufacturer SKU: 9781470737443

Loaded with clip art, customizable forms, and decorating patterns.

*One free copy comes in your Starter Kit—order more for convenience.

If your church does it, they’ve probably got it. It’s been said that tool companies don’t sell drills; they sell holes. The same goes for Group. They don’t just sell books, curriculum, training, Bibles, software, etc. They're in the business of making you even better at what you do in ministry. They want you to feel joy and fulfillment as you connect people with Jesus. That said, Group does offer a wide range of resources and services for just about every area of church ministry: children’s ministry, youth ministry, adult small groups, women’s ministry, pastoral ministry, and more.

Our apologies, but this item is non-returnable.

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