McHenry's Stories for the Soul

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McHenry's Stories for the Soul is a collection of entertaining stories, quotes, and humor designed for use in enhancing articles, sprucing up presentations, and brightening sermons. These 21st century illustrations are alphabetized by topic providing easy access to the perfect story, joke, or quote about matters of the church, family-life, politics, sports, work, and more. A CD-ROM comes with the book, and contains every one of the over 1000 illustrations. The software also includes a database function which allows one to enter their own illustrations and search this customized library of oratorical aids by topic, phrase, word, or title.CD-ROM works with other titles in Stories for Teachers & Preachers series, and features:

- Over one thousand illustrations

- Add your own illustrations

- Browse by topic or title

- Search by word or phrase

- Fast copy and paste

- Rate each story on a scale of 1 10CD-ROM requires Windows 98, 95, NT, or later, 16 MB RAM, minimum 7MB hard disk space, CD-ROM drive.

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