The Message of Revelation

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What is the book of Revelation? Does it describe in veiled language events of its writer's own day, or is it largely a prophecy of events still to come? Is it a chart of the whole of history from Christ's first coming to his second? Or does it deal chiefly with principles which are always valid in Christian experience?

And what is a twentieth-century reader to do with creatures covered with eyes, locusts like horses, seven bowls of wrath, war in heaven, various beasts and a dragon?

Michael Wilcock maintains tha when God's words, declarations, arguments and reasonings had all been spoken, God gave the church "a gorgeous picture book." Wilcok lifts the curtain on Revelation's drama in eight scenes, helping our imaginations as well as our minds grasp the key concepts of this fascinating and enigmatic New Testament book.


General Introduction
Chief Abbreviations
The Structure of the Drama
The Prologue 1:1-8
Scene 1: The Church in the World - 1:9-3:22
Scene 2: Suffering for the Church - 4:1-8:1
Scene 3: Warning for the World - 8:2-11:18
Scene 4: The Drama of History - 11:19-15:4
Scene 5: Punishment for the World - 15:5-16:21
Scene 6: Babylon the Whore - 17:1-19:10
Scene 7: The Drama Behind History - 19:11-21:8
Scene 8: Jerusalem the Bride - 21:9-22:19

The Epilogue - 22:20-21

Study Guide

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