ERGO Heavy Duty Chair Dolly for Church Pew Chairs

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If you ever have to move a stack of chairs for any reason you will need a heavy-duty ergo dolly. USA Made.

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Our Heavy Duty Ergo Dolly makes moving chairs in stacks of 8 super easy with little to no effort. Built in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee USA, for quick delivery.

Why do You Need a Dolly?

If you ever have to move a stack of church chairs for any reason and want to do so with ease then you will need at least one of these heavy-duty ergo dollies. If you setup and tear down more frequently with multiple individuals involved you might consider adding additional heavy-duty ergo dollies. Heavy-duty ergo dollies are also extremely handy during off-loading.

Note: This heavy-duty ergo dolly is designed specifically to work with 20″ wide church chairs manufactured by Bertolini Inc. We cannot guarantee it will work with chairs from other manufacturers; use with non-specified chairs is solely the buyer’s responsibility.

  • Weight: 30 LBS
  • Width: 41"
  • Height: 52.5"
  • Length: 19"

Custom Built by Bertolini While many of our competitors are willing to sell you a cheap low quality church chair guaranteed not to last, at Bertolini Sanctuary® Seating we’re committed to building our custom built church chairs here in the USA, In Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. We think doing so is important for all the right reasons that come quickly to most of our minds: employment, economics and fair labor practices to name a few. And while any of these are definitely reason enough, we are also motivated by the desire to benefit you, our local customer, by being right in your neighborhood. Doing so makes it easy for use to stand behind every chair we build.

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