10" Advent Candle Shell Set - 1-7/8"

Item Number: LUX-A10178

These Advent candle shells are manufactured by Lux Mundi. They are available in either blue or purple.

The liquid wax (sold separately) is replenished by replacing the empty one with a new one.

Please Note: The advent wreath is not included in the set.

Lux Mundiā„¢ offers a wide variety of diameters and heights, and their handmade products can meet any of your requirements. They offer custom made candles, or candles custom made to fit existing sockets at no additional charge. Whether you desire refillable or disposable oil candles, Lux Mundi is the source for all liturgical ceremonies. They have been dedicated to servicing all liturgical needs for 15 years, and their pledge is to continue to provide products and services to meet the high standards of liturgical traditions.

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