About Us

ChurchPartner is a national supplier of products and furnishings specific to the Christian community.

In 1994, Rick Emmelhainz and Neal Rosner, friends who met at church, saw their church struggle to obtain good prices and services from their suppliers, primarily due to the small size of the church. To strengthen their church, and the buying power of other churches in the Denver area, Rick and Neal initially organized 20 Denver churches in 1995 as a purchasing block, bringing prices down and service levels up.

This year, ChurchPartner celebrates its 15th year in service to tens of thousands of churches, Christian schools, and Christian not-for-profit organizations, as well as secular schools and businesses across the country and the world! This mass of organizations helps ChurchPartner continue to drive prices down while providing a one-stop shopping opportunity.

Our Mission

ChurchPartner's mission is to actively participate in God's ministry by assisting the Christian community towards being effective stewards of time, talent and treasure. This allows Christian organizations to spend less money on "things" and directed toward advancing the ministry of the organization.

ChurchPartner's' ongoing goal is to continually refine and expand our representation of products required by those ministering to the Christian community at the lowest possible prices, shipped quickly and safely to all areas of the globe.

To simplify and expedite this process, ChurchPartner extends credit to those customers who meet our credit requirements. We also accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express as payment alternatives as well as prepayment by check, both by mail and on-line.


ChurchPartner is pleased to be an active member of the local and national chapters of the National Association of Church Business Administration (NACBA) as well as the Christian Leadership Association.

ChurchPartner is also active in the National Association of School Supply and Equipment Association as well as the Christian Book Association.