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What are your phone hours?

Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM – 4:30 PM MST

Why buy from Church Partner?

Church Partner is a leading supplier of product and furniture specifically chosen for the church and religious market. All of the goods provided by Church Partner are discounted as deeply as possible to save Christian organizations money better spent on their ministries.

How long have you been in business?

ChurchPartner was established in 1995 as a provider of services to local churches in the Denver, Colorado area. This has grown to being a service to thousands of churches, schools, non-profits and businesses all over the world!

Do you have a retail store?

ChurchPartner does not have a free-standing retail store, but encourages local customers to examine products in-stock in our warehouse as well as picking up “will call” orders from our local warehouse.

What is your local, toll free number and fax number?

Local: (303) 794-4606, Toll Free: (800) 572-0550, Local Fax: (303) 794-4460 Toll Free Fax: (877) 369-8646

Does your company have Spanish speaking representatives?

Yes! ChurchPartner does offer Spanish-Speaking representatives. Our Spanish speaking representative is available Monday-Friday, 8:00-4:30 MST.

Does your company have paper catalogs?

ChurchPartner offers a variety of seasonal and topic-specific mini-catalogs which highlight specials. These are available by request at our website

Do you sell to non Christian organizations?

ChurchPartner sells to non-Christian organizations

Can we resell your products?

ChurchPartner has many organizations which purchase products for resale. ChurchPartner requires that a resellers certificate or license accompany orders or account establishment for dealers to receive non-tax status

Do you sell and ship outside of the United States?

ChurchPartner ships goods to a limited number of international locations, please contact us to see if we can ship to you.

Do you have a newsletter which I can subscribe to?

ChurchPartner is currently in the process of developing an on-line newsletter that will be available to any organization or person interested in the latest news about purchasing , product and special pricing available to our customers. The opportunity to subscribe will be available as a link on our homepage.

How can I be removed from your mailing/e-mail lists?

You may submit a request at anytime by calling or using our Contact Us link on our website, and your name and contact information will be removed from any of our current mailing and e-mailing lists.

Are you members of the Better Business Bureau?

ChurchPartner is a member in good standing with the Denver Area Better Business Bureau.

Do you have references available from current customers?

Currently, references are not on-line, but are available upon request. Wherever possible, references are provided specific to the products of interest to the customer.

What is your Dun & Bradstreet number?

Our Dun & Bradstreet account number is 87-742-2568.

What is your Federal Tax ID number?

Our Federal Tax ID number is 84-1219337.

Can I refuse all or part of a delivery?

Yes, if damage is severe or you know that what is damaged will not be at all acceptable, you may refuse all or a part of an order. You must contact us immediately in either case. Should you refuse an order without evidence of damage justifying that decision, you may be liable for shipping costs both to and from your facility as well as any restocking charges applied by the manufacturer. If you have questions about returning product, please contact us.

Can I reschedule a delivery when the carrier calls me?

If the delivery time or day in inconvenient, you may request a delayed delivery. Generally, carriers can hold goods for a day without additional storage charge, but check with the carrier prior to committing to a delay. Call our Furniture Traffic Department if you have any questions about delaying a delivery and call if you know that a delivery needs to be delayed beyond the expected delivery date.

Can I return furniture or equipment if I decide I don’t want it?

Most of our furniture is returnable. Exceptions to this rule, are product which have been customized to your request. Examples include specially stained sanctuary furniture, special fabrics, custom logo or etching work. Furniture must be in re-saleable condition and be in it’s original packaging. Manufacturers accept the return as re-saleable only after they receive it in good condition.

Can the carrier pick up my damaged furniture when my new furniture is delivered?

Carriers who deliver replacement furniture are not the same carriers who are hired to pick up damaged product. Our furniture department will advise you of when and how to prepare damaged pieces to be picked up. In many cases, the manufacturer may not wish for the damage piece to be returned due to the cost of transporting it back.

Do you offer any suggestions about how to prepare my organization to receive a large order?

ChurchPartner send our Furniture Check-In Procedures with every large furniture order. We ask the customer read through these suggestions which address organizing staff and volunteers, as well as how to inspect boxes, notate damages, and timelines for contacting us with any damage or shortage issues.

How long does it take for my furniture order to ship?

Most of our standard furniture ships within 2 weeks of order. Our quick ship products can ship within 48 hours of order. Custom stained and upholstered furniture can take up to 6 weeks to produce and ship. Most product pages indicate when products ship. These do not include time on the road due to varying distances.

How long does it take to get replacement furniture if there is damage?

Replacement times vary by what you purchased. In-stock product can be shipped within a couple of days. Custom product may take as long to create the second time as it did the first. We will work with the manufacturer to expedite any replacement.

If I need my order quickly, do you offer expedited shipping?

Expedited shipping is available. Request this from our Furniture Department. Please have item(s), destination zip code, and delivery deadline ready when you call.

If I refuse or wish to return an order that is not damaged, what costs will I have?

You are responsible for shipping goods back to the warehouse and any associated restocking fees. Products that ship free freight will be assessed the actual cost absorbed by us to ship the goods to you. Upon satisfactory inspection by the manufacturer, you will be credited your purchase price minus the above stated fees.

If my furniture is breaking after I purchased it and is within the manufacturer’s warranty period, what should I do?

If you have damages that are related to the manufacture of the product (examples include accelerated fabric wear, stitching coming loose, broken welds or rivets) these are generally covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. If the purchase was recently made (one year or less) the manufacturer will usually replace the product. If the purchase was later than one year, generally the manufacturer will pro-rate the warranty. For example, a 5-year warranty where breakage occurs after one year would be an 80% proration and you may need to pay 20% of the cost to replace the item. Damage showing evidence of abuse will not be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

What are the costs of returning my order?

Most of our manufacturers have a certain percentage that is charge to restock the product. This can range from 15% to 40% depending on the product. You are also responsible for the cost of shipping the product to you and back.

What do I do if I have a construction delay and cannot receive my order when I expected it?

As soon as you are aware of any issue that may prevent you from receiving your order as planned, please contact our Furniture Department. We can schedule to have an order held at the manufacturer’s facility until you have a definite delivery time.

What do I do if my order arrives damaged?

If you receive packages with damage indicated on the boxes, please open the box immediately and inspect the product. If it is damaged beyond use, you may refuse the product. If you find multiple issues with the order, you may refuse the entire order. You MUST make clear notation of damage on the driver’s paperwork before signing off on the order. Contact ChurchPartner immediately to report the issue and we will get a replacement order started.

What if I signed for my order not noting damages, and I opened the order and found hidden damage?

If you have signed the order as free and clear of damage and found damage after opening the box, this is called Concealed Damage and must be handled differently that visible damage. Contact our Furniture Department immediately, and we will discuss options with you. Generally, these require some form of visual proof to process a freight claim, so a digital camera is helpful.

What is call before delivery notification mean?

Most of our larger furniture pieces are shipped by common freight carrier and are dock-to-dock delivered. As most of our customers do not have receiving docks, customers are responsible for receiving goods at the tailgate of the delivery truck. We request a call 24 hours prior to delivery so that you have time to prepare and schedule the delivery. This service is included in your freight charges.

What is dock-to-dock delivery?

Dock-to-dock delivery means that a carrier loads furniture from the dock of the manufacturer’s facility and delivers it to another dock. Generally furniture is palletized and requires a fork lift or pallet jack to move larger quantities. As most churches, schools and small businesses do not have dock facilities, their responsibility for the furniture begins at the end of the truck where the driver passes the goods down to the customer.

What is inside delivery?

When a customer does not have a receiving dock and is unable to receive goods at the tailgate of a delivery vehicle, inside delivery may be requested at an additional cost. This service is generally limited to “first floor inside the door” placement with the driver unable to move product into offices and to other floors of the building. Call our Furniture Department for details.

What is lift gate service?

Where furniture is of a delicate nature, or the customer is unable to receive goods from the tailgate of the truck and has no receiving dock, a lift gate may be requested which allows goods to be lowered to street level for easier and safer handling. This is usually an additional charge for the customer and should be requested at time of delivery. This cost currently is not calculated into on-line order placement and may be requested as a second payment.

What should I do if the driver is rude or impatient?

If a driver exhibits rude behavior, refuses reasonable requests, or wishes for you to rush the process of unloading or checking furniture, you may either notate this on the paperwork, or contact us while the driver is there and we will handle the situation on your behalf. Under no circumstances, should the driver attempt to coerce you into hasty inspection or receipt of your goods.

Can we establish billing terms with ChurchPartner?

Billing terms may be established for customers who qualify. To apply for terms, click our Forms & Applications link for printable copies of our Church, School, Non-Profit and Business applications. These may be faxed in upon completion. You will be notified if your organization receives credit terms with ChurchPartner.

Can we prepay an order by check? What type of check do you accept? Personal? Bank?

ChurchPartner accepts prepayments by personal, organizational, cashier, and bank checks. These may be mailed with a copy of your on-line order to the address indicated on the final order screen. Once receive,d you will be contacted to confirm receipt of the prepayment.

Can we use billing terms on our first order?

Generally speaking first orders do not receive terms, however; exceptions may be made for extraordinary circumstances. Check with a customer service representatives for details.

Do you accept major credit cards for purchase?

ChurchPartner accepts payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit and debit cards.

Do you accept purchase orders from federal, state, and local government s, public schools or other public organizations?

ChurchPartner accepts purchase orders from most government entities including public schools, local, regional, state and national governments as well as park and recreation districts. Orders will be processed only with an official purchase order which may be faxed, mailed or e-mailed to ChurchPartner.

Do you have a GSA contract?

ChurchPartner does not currently hold a GSA contract.

Do you have an electronic check as an option?

We are sorry, e-check option is not available at this time.

Do you have leasing or finance options?

ChurchPartner does not currently have any leasing arrangements, but have relationship with Global Church Financing where customers may make application for financing of projects or purchases in excess of $5000.00. Look to the contact link on our homepage for additional details.

How can I change my account billing and shipping addresses?

Please contact our bookkeeping department to request any billing or shipping address changes. Changes may not be requested on-line for privacy reasons.

How can I register your company as an approved vendor?

ChurchPartner must have copies of all applications and W-9 forms to process an approved vendor request. Generally, these forms are completed with 5 business days and returned to the requesting entity.

How do I check the status of, or track my order?

Currently orders may be checked by calling our office and requesting Customer Service. Orders placed for supplies fulfilled in our warehouse receive an automatic UPS shipping link following the day of order placement. Occasionally, these e-mail confirmations may be interpreted as spam mail, so customers should check their “spam” folder if they have not received the e-mail within 24 hours. Customers with furniture orders should contact the Furniture Department on, or about the estimated shipping date noted on their order confirmations.

How do I place an order with ChurchPartner?

As we are an internet company, we prefer orders be placed using our electronic commerce site. Orders may be placed at our internet site, by phone or by fax, however furniture orders placed by phone may be subject to a $35.00 phone order fee. This would be determined by the sales representative at the time of order placement.

How do we request copies of invoices?

Invoice copies may be requested by phone of our bookkeeping department or by using our Contact Us button on the homepage and choosing the drop down option of Billing Issues. Indicated which invoices you wish to have copies of and how best to get these to you.

How is my personal information protected? Do you have a privacy policy?

ChurchPartner has developed a thorough privacy protection policy which may be read and printed out on our website at our Privacy and Security Statement link.

How may I receive discounts?

Discounts on most products are already calculated into our low pricing. Additional discounts may be applicable if the customer has received a paper or on-line coupon for a termed promotional period. Other discounts may apply when purchasing large volumes of product. Check with our customer service department to see if any discounts may apply to your order.

Is sales tax collected on my purchase?

Sales tax is collected on web purchases shipping to the following states: Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. If a church, school or non-profit organization has a sales tax exemption certificate, we must have a copy of it in our files to be exempt from us collecting sales tax. If you are placing an order to any of the above listed states, you will be charged the appropriate sales tax in a subsequent charge.

What are my confirmation number and order number? Why might these be different?

Orders placed on line receive a temporary order number that is replaced once the order is entered into our system with a Sales Order number. Either or both of these may be referenced with our customer service representatives to check order status.

What billing terms do you offer?

Upon approval, ChurchPartner accounts will be established with either 15, 30, or 45 day net billing terms. Conditions may vary due to payment history.

Your website won’t accept my credit card. What should I do?

Problems processing orders with a credit card on the ChurchPartner website may be due to a variety of issues outside of our control. These may include inaccurate billing information, orders that exceed allowed credit limits, or out-of-country credit cards, among others. If you experience difficulties with credit card processing, please call us for assistance. Generally, these orders may also be processed by phone.

Are your fabrics treated with a finish guard? How long does it last?

Most of our fabrics are sold with a factory applied fabric guard. This information is provided on most product pages. Additional fabric protection is available on our partitions at additional cost.

Can I order furniture unfinished and do it myself?

Many of our wood furniture manufacturers offer their pieces unfinished. Though not always listed as such on our website, you may request pricing of these pieces from our Furniture Department.

Can we receive manufacturer catalogs, and how should we request these?

Most furniture manufacturers have full line catalogs that are available upon request. Contact our Furniture Department for details on which manufacturers have this option. Catalogs will be sent out free of charge up to 5 catalogs. You may use our Contact Us link at our website for this also.

Can we request customer symbols on our wood/acrylic furniture?

Many of our products may be customized with your organization’s logo, scripture verse, or unique symbol. To request this, contact our Furniture Department for a quote.

Can you do custom sizes on your sanctuary furniture?

Most of our manufacturers can customize their standard pieces to your specifications. Generally, this adds lead time to the production schedule and requires that the customer approve drawings prior to production. Contact our Furniture Department for details and a quote. Are there additional discounts available for large orders? What is considered a large order? Additional discounts are available on large orders or where you are considering furniture for multiple areas of your facility. This is common when furnishing a new or renovated facility. ChurchPartner can help by developing budget numbers when estimating costs for a new building as well as bidding entire facilities. Call our Furniture Department for details.

Can you match the finish of our existing furniture?

All of our wood manufacturers can stain to match existing furniture. Prices for this option vary by manufacturer. Contact our Furniture Department for details.

Do you have product dimensions and specifications? How would I request these?

Product pages include a Product Attributes tab which outlines product dimensions and weight if known for the specific product. Where specific dimensions are not listed, contact our Furniture Department or request this information through our Contact Us homepage link.

Do you offer finish cards and fabric swatches?

Most manufacturers who offer fabric and finish options have cards that feature fabrics high resolution digitized images or actual fabrics and finishes. These may be requested at our Contact Us link on the homepage or by calling our Furniture Department.

How do I know the warranty for the furniture I am considering?

Most warranties are listed on product pages. If not available contact our furniture experts for this information.

How high can I stack my chairs?

Generally sanctuary pew chairs stack around 8 high for safe transport and passage through standard door openings. These can be stacked to 10 high, but can get top-heavy and be dangerous to move. High density stacking chairs can be stacked up to 45 high in some cases, on specially designed carts which tip chairs backward. Consult chair and cart pages for specifics.

How many chairs fit on the chair cart I’m interested in?

Chair storage varies based upon the style of chair and cart. Check with descriptions on cart pages for specifics. If not listed, contact our Furniture Department.

How many people can sit around the table I’m interested in?

Seating at round and square tables vary depending on the size. When using standard banquet chairs (17.5”W), round tables accommodate the following: 48” Diameter – 6 persons, 60” Diameter – 8 persons, 72” Diameter – 10 persons. Rectangular tables generally seat 1 person for every 18” – 24” of linear distance on the side of a table. For instance, a 96” long table accommodates from 4 – 5 people per side.

How many people fit on a riser unit or set?

Riser capacity varies with design. Generally 18 linear inches is required per person on a straight riser standing shoulder to shoulder. Request one of our riser layout guides to assist with this process from our Furniture Department.

How many tables can be stored on a table cart?

Folding tables can be stored on edge or flat. Generally carts handle up to 8 to 12 tables safely depending on design. In excess of this presents stability problems. Round tables tend to be thicker in most lines than rectangular tables due to added support hardware under the surface. Check table cart pages for specifics.

How much room does a table or chair cart take up in my storage closet?

Most carts have a “footprint” of a certain number of square feet which it takes up. Calculate this by multiplying the length in inches by the width in inches of the loaded dimension of a cart, then divide by 144 (number in square inches in a square foot) to determine floor usage. A handy fact for many facilities is that standard floor tiles are 1 foot square. Using this method does not guarantee that cart footage and storage footage match due to the need for passage space in the space as well as odd shaped rooms.

How much weight does a stage or riser hold?

All ChurchPartner stages and risers are ANSI/BIFMA tested to support 200 lbs/sq ft.

How quickly can I get risers?

Depending our layout and configuration, we have risers on quick ship programs (ship in 48 hours or less) from all of our manufacturers. Less common layout pieces and surfaces generally change lead time to around 4 weeks.

How should the fabric on my chairs be cleaned?

Most of our fabrics are some combination of olefin which is best cleaned with warm water and mild detergent. Our children’s carpet products must be carefully cleaned with dry carpet cleaner. Contact us for additional information on cleaning.

Is it possible to supply my own fabric?

Customer Own Material (COM) are an option on most of our furniture. Where some manufacturers import furniture, this may be limited to large numbers of a product. Call our Furniture Department for additional details.

Our church has limited delivery hours. Can I request a delivery during these hours?

When placing your order on-line a comment box allows you to explain limited delivery hours. Our order processors will include any information about limited hours when the order is placed with our manufacturer. Every effort will be made to honor these, but no guarantees can be made without additional cost for time sensitive delivery. Contact our Furniture Department for details on this service.

What are ANSI/BIFMA standards?

ANSI (American National Standard Institute) refers to a voluntary consensus standards that are developed by the industry – in this case the furniture industry - to allow the consumer a level of quality, durability and safety when purchasing furniture. BIFMA (Business and Industry Furniture Manufacturers Association) is a similar group of like-minded furniture manufacturers who wish to assure the customer that products meet minimum performance standards when furniture is designed , developed, marketed and shipped.

What is steel gauge, and how can I determine the gauge used on your furniture?

Steel gauge refers to the thickness of the steel used. The lower the number, the thicker the steel. Generally speaking, thicker steel is used in the areas of a piece where direct downward pressure is applied such as in the legs, while lateral pressure generally requires thinner or higher gauge steel. Most product specifications are listed on product pages. Where these are not available, our furniture specialists can locate this information for you.

What is the difference between a lightweight blow mold and a composite table?

Both blow mold and composite tables are created with the intent of providing a lighter table than a traditional laminate wood core table. Blow mold tables are formed by injecting air between sheets of ABS plastic while heating the material to form a rigid support pattern for the table surface. Additional steel reinforcement is usually needed to maintain product rigidity. Composite tables utilize similar plastic, but are formed by combining this with either wood or aluminum to create strength and rigidity. These laminates are generally bonded together with strong adhesives and polymers to allow for maximum strength.

What is the weight limit for your chairs and tables?

Weight limits vary with the chairs we offer. Many of the heavier duty chairs such as our sanctuary seating have upward of 400 pound weight limits, while some of our lighter weight folding chairs may have only 250 pounds. All of our advertised products meet or exceed ANSI/BIFMA standards for furniture durability.

What type of wood is used on your sanctuary furniture?

Our veneer or solid wood sanctuary furniture is red oak, mahogany, or cherry usually with a variety of stain finishes. Many of our communion tables, altars and pulpits have a dense particleboard core which helps minimize possible warping due to humidity while allowing for less weight. Some high use surfaces may have high pressure laminates which are harder than veneer surfaces and hold up to accelerated use. Where this has been used, it is noted in the product description.