Wooden Mallet Coat & Hat Rack, 4 Hook - 24HCR

Item Number: 25070
Manufacturer SKU: 24HCR

Attractive oak coat & hat racks are convenient and space saving. You can utilize your wall space while keeping coat & hat storage compact and out of the way.

Attractive oak coat and hat racks are convenient and space saving. Here are just a few of the features:

"Excellence in wood products manufacturing is Wooden Mallet's primary goal. To make this possible, I believe in a family of trained and dedicated employees, top quality materials, and the most modern equipment and facilities. With these tools, we can bring to our customers a consistently superior product, prompt ship times, and a smooth running partnership." - Jim Kreber, Owner For the past 10 years, Wooden Mallet has ranked consistently in the top 100 of the Wood & Wood Products, Wood 100 Annual Report for Solid Wood and Panel Technology.

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