Wooden Mallet Wall Desk, Oak or Dark Red Mahogany- WD17-21

Item Number: 25079
Manufacturer SKU: WD17-21

Attractive wall desks can neatly organize various materials. You can maximize your space challenged office with the convenient folding design of the wall desk.

This is a desk anyone can love! The beautiful and durable contoured “wrap around” laminate covers all surfaces for easy cleaning. Each desk is outfitted with a useful pocket and pen holder inside. These are great to use for personal convenience, or to add to the convenience of the reception or lounge area in your facility.

"Excellence in wood products manufacturing is Wooden Mallet's primary goal. To make this possible, I believe in a family of trained and dedicated employees, top quality materials, and the most modern equipment and facilities. With these tools, we can bring to our customers a consistently superior product, prompt ship times, and a smooth running partnership." - Jim Kreber, Owner For the past 10 years, Wooden Mallet has ranked consistently in the top 100 of the Wood & Wood Products, Wood 100 Annual Report for Solid Wood and Panel Technology.

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