Evidence for the Resurrection PowerPoint Presentation

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Evidence for the Resurrection PowerPoint Presentation

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This ready-to-use PowerPoint presentation includes more than 120 "slides" and extensive leader notes.

Here are 12 reasons skeptics should believe that Jesus died and rose again.

Examine the historical, archaeological, and cultural proofs for Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. Know the answers to questions raised by atheists and others. Learn why the resurrection is central for Christians. Discover the evidence that has convinced critics over the years.

For instance, did you know that 39 ancient sources (aside from the New Testament), such as Pliny, Josephus, and the Talmud, refer to the life of Christ, his teachings, crucifixion, and/or resurrection? Perfect for using Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday or all year around.

In this ready-to-use PowerPoint® presentation, you will also discover the answers to other theories about the resurrection of Jesus and learn why the resurrection is central for followers of Jesus.

Printable worksheets are included. Slides may be printed out as handouts.

• More than 120 “slide” frames
• Printable handouts of each slide
• Skeptics’ objections and theories
• Teach on one part or run the entire presentation
• Over 40 colorful illustrations
• You control the timing, the speed, and the order

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