Self-Lite Charcoal

Item Number: CB-57704
Manufacturer SKU: 57704

These Self-Lite charcoal briquettes are designed to satisfy the needs of Catholic priest.

Easy to Light - A Self-Lite briquette lights immediately when touched by a flame. It will even light when struck with a safety match striker surface.

Reliable - Briquettes stay lit, even in wind, they burn slowly and consistently for 30 minutes or more. With the recognizable burn, you always know they're working.

No-Waste Design - Each Self-Lite briquette has an unusual "star-saucer" shape. It holds three spoonfuls of incense as required by the Church Rubrics until every grain of incense is completely burned.

Instructions in Ten Languages - Easy to understand instructions in English, Russian, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Polish, Croatian, Lithuanian, and Spanish appear on all Self-Lite packaging.

Each shrink-wrapped carton holds 5 sealed trays of 20 briquettes. This method of packaging allows for safe, clean shipment and handling. With its hinged top and tapered wells in the tray, the briquettes are easy to access and remove.

Each briquette is 1-3/4" in diameter and 1" high

*Swift-Lite Charcoal sold separately

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