Hands-On Bible Preschool Additional Learning Lab CD's - Summer

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Need more than one CD for your Hands-On Bible Curriculum® classes? This additional CD has the same great music and sound effects as the one included in the quarterly Learning Lab®.

Get an extra copy for additional class times or just have an emergency copy on hand if needed. Having extras also makes great gifts for kids at the end of the quarter to remind them of what they learned.

Tracks for the Summer Preschool CD include:

1. Welcome to Hands-On Bible Curriculum®
2. Come Along With Me
3. I’m So Glad for the Bible
4. I’m So Glad We’re Together
5. God Is With Me (Acts 2:25a)
6. A Frog’s Tale
7. Moses’ Mommy
8. Baby Moses
9. Upbeat Music
10. I’m God’s Helper
11. The Ten Commandments
12. The Ten Commandments Song (Exodus 20:2-17)
13. We Thank God in Many Ways
14. Life of Moses
15. I Am Special
16. A Brave Helper
17. My Helping Song (Galatians 5:13b)
18. Queen Esther
19. Esther
20. Musical Treats

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