Acting Out: 20 Skits for Teenagers to Illustrate God's Word

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By Bryan Belknap

Ever seen a boring, dull, lame skit at church? How's therapy going? We're convinced church should be a place where creativity goes to thrive, not die.

Acting Out combats dreary dramas, with the in. Bryan Belknap has crafted 20 user-friendly sketches that will help drive home the point of your message-or get students talking about the tough moments and choices of teenage life.

Your students don't want spiritual propaganda-they want and need stories that help them to explore the human experience. For teenagers, experience supersedes cold, hard "facts," and stories facilitate an encounter with truth that applies directly to their own life situation-meanings that might be vastly unique. Each script will challenge different people in different ways. That's why we've included two sets of discussion questions with each script to fuel student conversation and application.

Here's a bonus with this resource: We've included some training videos to help you transform a skit into a video. You'll find this particularly helpful if you don't currently have a drama team in your youth ministry, you want to inspire students with filmmaking aspirations, or if you'd just rather use a video in your youth service.

Every skit is editable and reproducible for the students in your ministry. Change the skits, add some characters, drop some lines, rewrite it in Elizabethan English-whatever best connects with the students in your ministry.

These skits will give you the tools for building a drama team, encouraging creativity among your students, generating meaningful discussions, and effectively communicating God's timeless truths to teenagers hungry for real-world wisdom and guidance in a language that connects and sticks with them.

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