The Challenge DVD Curriculum

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By Kurt Johnston

Tired of finding yourself the target of all those messy, muddy, mucky games your students thoroughly enjoy? The Challenge allows you to capture the energy of those crowd-pleasing competitions without the nuisance of cleaning up!

Hosted by veteran youth pastor Kurt Johnston, these 20 video-based contests will engage and entertain your students. The concept is simple: Your group will watch the premise and setup for each game and guess the outcome or results——and then watch it all unfold!

Each video features a contestant competing in a wide range of imaginatively wild and zany pool challenges, outdoor challenges, and gym challenges, such as:

  • How many frozen fish can the contestant get out of the pool in two minutes—using only his mouth?
  • How far can the contestant slide on a chocolate-covered sheet of plastic?
  • What's the total distance the contestant can hit five objects that are tossed his way?
  • How long will it take the contestant to go around cones three times—once in a burlap sack, once on a skateboard, and once on a pogo stick?

  • You're intrigued, aren't you? You can't wait to watch these for yourself, can you? If the government issued an Addictive Fun seal of approval, The Challenge would be the first item on the list! Let it fuel the embers of enthusiasm and competition in your youth ministry!

    Each video consists of an Apple QuickTime or Windows Media Player file to drop into your visual media player for easy integration into your program.

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