A Theology of James, Peter & Jude - A Video Study

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A Theology of James, Peter, and Jude - A Video Study, part of The Zondervan Beyond the Basics Video Series, is a comprehensive exploration of James, 1-2 Peter, and Jude by top New Testament scholar Peter Davids. The lessons also cover introductory issues, major themes, and how each book relates to the broad picture of New Testament theology.

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In A Theology of James, Peter, and Jude, A Video Study top New Testament scholar Peter Davids offers a comprehensive study of the General or Catholic Epistles, which are often insufficiently covered in more general New Testament introductions, theologies, and surveys. The lessons offer a thorough exploration of the theology of each book, including introductory issues and major themes, and shows how each book relates to the broad picture of New Testament theology.

Before discussing a theology of each of the four letters, Davids deals with their common aspects - their shared background in the Greco-Roman world and similar Christology, view of the source of sin, and eschatology - thus justifying their being treated together. Davids then embarks upon a theological reading of each letter informed by its social-rhetorical understanding - what it meant in the context of its original cultural settings - that includes a survey of recent scholarship, a discussion of relevant introductory issues, thematic commentary, treatment of important theological themes, and a discussion of the place of each letter in the biblical canon.

A Theology of James, Peter, and Jude, A Video Study is part of The Zondervan Beyond the Basics Video Series, which is dedicated to bringing expert teaching from world's best biblical scholars and theologians directly to interested learners. A Theology of James, Peter, and Jude, A Video Study offers the chance to learn about some of the Bible's most neglected biblical books from one of today's premier New Testament scholars.

Session Titles and Runtimes:

1 - Introduction: Common Themes and Issues (15 min)

2 - James: Introductory Issues (7 min)

3 - James: A Literary-Theological Reading (17 min)

4 - James: Important Theological Themes (11 min)

5 - First Peter: Introductory Issues (6 min)

6 - First Peter: A Thematic and Rhetorical Commentary (17 min)

7 - First Peter: Theological Themes (11 min)

8 - Second Peter: Introductory Issues (12 min)

9 - Second Peter: A Thematic Commentary (19 min)

10 - Second Peter: Important Theological Themes (11 min)

11 - Jude: Introductory Issues (8 min)

12 - Jude: A Thematic Commentary (15 min)

13 - Jude: Important Theological Themes (13 min)

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  • Author: Peter H. Davids
  • Format: DVD
  • Publication Date: May 2017

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