Promises, Promises

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A basic verse by verse Bible study of Genesis 12-22.

If you have a DVD player, you can host a Bible study today!

This self-contained, easy to use study requires no prep or special knowledge from you. Just insert the disc and press play!

It contains everything you need:

The six sessions are:

  1. Abraham and God - The Essentials of Faith (Genesis 12)
  2. Abraham and Lot - The Test of Riches (Genesis 13, 14)
  3. Abraham and Sarah - The Test of Patience (Genesis 15-17)
  4. Abraham and the Angel of the Lord - The Test of Judgement (Genesis 18, 19)
  5. Abraham and Abimelech - The Test of Fear (Genesis 20, 21)
  6. Abraham and Issac - The Test of Loyalty (Genesis 22)
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