Rock-Solid Kids

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Sometimes children are viewed in terms of their future value. But to Jesus, children were precious in the here and now, and He gave them His full attention and love. In Rock-Solid Kids, Larry Fowler explains that we must view children in the same way and make certain that the way in which we teach children is based on what ought to be the most important influence—the Word of God. Rock-Solid Kids will help parents, teachers and children's ministry leaders build a strong ministry—in the home or church—modeled on scriptural teaching. This examination of the biblical basis for children's ministry includes eight core chapters. Each chapter is based on one or more Scripture passages and covers topics such as the importance, responsibility, content and golden opportunity of children's ministry. The “foundation rocks" in this book are exactly what teachers and parents need to help them teach children about the Christian faith.

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Henrietta C. Mears was one of the great Bible teachers of the 20th century. While Christian Education Director at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood, she built one of the largest Sunday Schools in the world and wrote curriculum that was in such high demand that to publish it she founded Gospel Light in 1933. Such notable Christian leaders as Richard C. Halverson, Luis Evans, Jr. and Bill Bright were among her students. Miss Mears developed "cradle-to-grave" age-appropriate curriculum, published a new style of Vacation Bible School, and lent her support to distributing Gospel materials around the world. Gospel Light has expanded into a multi-faceted publisher of fun and creative Sunday School curriculum, exciting Vacation Bible School programs and inspiring biblical books (Regal) . The mission of Gospel Light is still the same today as it was in 1933: "To know Christ and to make Him known."

  • Publisher: Gospel Light
  • Author: Larry Fowler
  • Pages: 144
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Publication Date: January 2004

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