ChurchPartner offers the finest in Holiness Tables featuring Woerner Industries and Imperial Woodworks lines. Both of the companies craft the finest in wood, acrylic and plexiglas pieces to meet the style and quality needs of your chapel. Sample finishes are available at no charge to help the planning process. All pieces may be customized with TSA crests and shields as well as custom etched and laser cut verbiage. Contact us to provide budget estimates as well as personalized quotes.

Acrylic & Plexiglas Holiness Tables

All Acryilic Holiness Table

  • 94011
  • Your Price: $2,659.95

Acrylic with Wood Surface Holiness Table

  • 94012
  • Your Price: $2,659.95

All Wood Holiness Tables

Traditional Open Holiness Table

  • 94015
  • Your Price: As low as  $739.95

Traditional Closed Holiness Table

  • 94016
  • Your Price: $1,644.95

Classic Open Holiness Table

  • 94021
  • Your Price: $2,052.95

Classic Closed Holiness Table

  • 94022
  • Your Price: $3,734.95